Whenever you are packing on the street watch out for falling trees. to avoid this kind of ugly incidents

Tree Fell On Man's Car In Ghana

Thursday night, a giant mahogany tree fell in front of the Legon Hall, University of Ghana, which caused a huge damage to properties and blocked the main road. The tree
smashed a four-wheel drive car in the process few minutes after the driver got out.

According to an eyewitness, the tree fell as a result of a pipe that had been leaking copious amounts of water under it, adding that the tree was vulnerable to falling off since it hadn’t been pruned for decades.

 Causes of accident in Ghana

It is common to see the production of leaf springs (a suspension devise, Besides supporting the weight of a vehicle, the leaf springs control the ride height and keep the tires in contact with the road) and castings for replacement of worn out parts at Suame Magazine from steel scraps without any material selection process, materials compositional analysis nor structural analysis, microstructure and composition determines the properties of engineering materials. Furthermore no destructive or nondestructive test is done to ascertain the susceptibility of micro cracks that can lead to structural failure.

Locally manufactured break bands cannot be swept under the carpet as it contributes to most of the break failures of cars in Ghana. Vulcanization, an extremely chemical process has been left in the hands of people with no or little knowledge in the field and known locally as “BURGANIZERS” which I can say with authority, contributes majority of tyre bursting and failures than the only focus on worn out and second tyres.

The cause of tree falling around the road is like a mystery, but how can you know a tree will fall or not. So we have to be more careful and prayerful because you never can tell when a tree will fall across the road. Whenever you are packing on the street watch out for falling trees. to avoid this kind of ugly incidents. 
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