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Horror in the kidnappers’ den
Reported by Nigerian Women in Diaspora

It took me a long time of reflections to put this piece together. First, let me thank my husband for the emotional support, the counselling and for his belief in the creator of heaven and earth which we call God or Allah.

The journey began in Auchi. We had travelled to Akure on a Monday, stayed with my husband’s relations in the outskirt of this ancient town. In the evening of Monday, we visited the palace for dinner, my husband being a close friend to son of the King.

On Tuesday, we left for Ibadan, via the Akure-Ilesa road. Our plan was that after attending the wedding in Auchi, we would travel with (my husband) to Lagos, stay for few weeks before returning abroad where I had lived with my husband and children for more than a decade. We were in the car of a close family friend, an accountant who gave his time and energy for our comfort.

We were five in the car, myself, my husband, our daughter, a lady who is my husband’s niece who had joined us in Akure with the hope of travelling with us to Lagos.
The driver accountant maintained a normal speed. He drove professionally. That gave me a lot of comfort and I felt I could find time to sleep a bit. My daughter was next to me, just 9. She was coming to Nigeria with me for the second time.
Shortly after the Ijare junction, the driver felt the wagon’s tires ruptured and decided to pack the car with the hope of changing the tires.

Luck ran out on a woman who specializes in kidnapping and selling children as angry mob beaten her to pulp.

The case of stealing and selling children is common in Elele. About last two weeks a  baby of a woman selling sachet water was kidnapped. Till this moment the woman baby is nowhere to be found.

A road side provision seller's child was recently rescued from a kidnapper.

This woman that was caught yesterday. As seen in the video below according to eye witness do her stealing children business with her child.

By the People's Bishop Kenneth Obi.

Honesty, Faithfulness, and Loyalty is required in the little things one do. I believe we can tackle our problems in Nigeria if only we change our attitudes.