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Luck ran out on a woman who specializes in kidnapping and selling children as angry mob beaten her to pulp.

The case of stealing and selling children is common in Elele. About last two weeks a  baby of a woman selling sachet water was kidnapped. Till this moment the woman baby is nowhere to be found.

A road side provision seller's child was recently rescued from a kidnapper.

This woman that was caught yesterday. As seen in the video below according to eye witness do her stealing children business with her child.

By the People's Bishop Kenneth Obi.

Honesty, Faithfulness, and Loyalty is required in the little things one do. I believe we can tackle our problems in Nigeria if only we change our attitudes.

John 20:19-31

In our reading today there are many things that deserve our attention. One of the most important is that on Sunday evening, the first day of the week, we are told that the disciples were hiding in a secure room behind closed doors. For fear of the Jews. Nigerians likewise are afraid because of the CABAL'S in Nigeria confirmed by President Buhari's wife, Aisha Buhari who informed Nigerians that her husband is being controlled by the CABAL'S and as a Result things are lopsided creating FEAR among other things!

If one were to say such a thing today he might be labelled as an anti-semite but this incredible statement is made by one of the disciples who was there at the time and he was also a Jew. Why did the disciples have fear of the Jews? Because they had just seen what happened to their beloved leader Jesus. If such a vicious, illegal, unjust attack could take place on a wonderful prophet like Jesus, then it was no stretch of the imagination to think that the Jewish authorities could do the same to the followers of Jesus. But the disciples did not yet have any idea about what had truly happened. With the Corruptions and non is held accountable, Injustices prevailing, the Killings of Nigerians and non is in custody, Nigerians are afraid!